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What is Wine and How do We Use It?

Wine is one application that can run the file with extension Exe. Indirectly Wine is the bridge that connect the Linux and Windows. Actually, Linux and Windows is very different, very different. But can not deny anymore that are still badly needed Windows Applications on Linux such as Game.

Not all programs can run on Wine. There are some who can run well, there’s just running and some explicitly reject Wine. Here are some of the Windows application that can run on Linux with Wine, Click Here.

Okay I’ll explain how to install first.

Open Console, then Type this Commend : sudo apt-get install wine

Actually you can install it manually by install this package one by one.

  1. binfmt-support
  2. cabextract
  3. esound-clients
  4. esound-common
  5. libaudiofile0
  6. libesd0
  7. libmpg123-0
  8. libopenal1
  9. ttf-mscorefonts-installer ttf-symbol-replacement
  10. winbind
  11. wine
  12. wine1.2
  13. wine1.2-gecko

* Due to the uncertainty that the installation process does not run well. I recommend avoiding installing the manual way.

After you download all these files and the Linux installation process as in other software packages. But it is not over, because after it will pop a strange appearance. Never in the cap window Konsolenya! Leave it alone.

After all installation is running, we had better check if the wine actually installed properly.

When you look at the existing Wine Linux menu, then you successfully install Wine on Linux.

Right after we managed to install wine. We can try to greatness of Wine. Prepare a Windows program, if I can use Windows program based on recommendations from the Wine, Check the List.

Then right click on the software we want to select “Open with Wine Windows Program Loader“. In this case I tried to install Adobe Reader 9.1.0.

The installation process is almost similar to that in Windows. To open a new program that we had  installed. Wine>> Programs>> Adobe Reader 9 (According to what I installed earlier). If you would like to try Notepad on linux, Wine> Programs> Accessories

To remove programs

  1. Wine >> Uninstall Wine Software,
  2. Choose Program that you wish to remove, Click Remove.
  3. Follow the instruction after installation is finish

Check again that it have been deleted from the list, Wine>>Program.

But sometimes if we delete the program, when we examine the program, in sum these programs still exist. that’s why we can not carelessly installing windows programs.

Thank you for your attention. I hope it will be helped you more.