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Change Minimaze, Maximize and Close Bottons Position on Ubuntu 10.04

At this moment, i will give you a trick. according to the title. it’ll explain how to do that.

  1. Open your terminal, Type “gconf-editor”.
  2. And Follow this: Apps >> Metacity >> General
  3. Find “Layout_button”, fill as you want.
  4. For Example, i still common with Windows. So i change into Windows Style.
  5. Fill with this “:minimize, maximize,close”.

Enjoy with your Window Style.


Fix Ubuntu 10.04’s Grub

If you install two operating systems like Windows and Linux on one computer (dual booting), you may have experienced the problem can not boot to linux after reinstall windows or after you make changes in the composition of the partition. This happens because the grub loader linux grub overwritten by loader windows or partition so that differences in the composition of the computer does not find the grub configuration file.

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History of Linux distributions (DISTRO)

Linux distro in terms, surely is the word that is not foreign to us Linux users, whether long or beginners. There are so many Linux distributions that have been circulating in the world of the Operating System.

You would never think “what distro it first came out?”. According to information I received, the oldest is the MCC Interim distribution that was developed in 1992. Then the parent of the MCC Interim Linux Distro (1992), Debian (1993) and RedHat (1994). Read more of this post

Console Commands for Newbie Linux

Console! I know you must be familiar with these words. In Linux, Konsole is often used. According to my experience so far, every time I turn on my laptop and using Linux. I always open the console automatically. Almost every activity such as installing software or conversely, the role of the console is very important. If we do not understand console commands, we are like blind people who do not know the direction and purpose.

For a newbie like me and you, perhaps Konsole looks boring. But if we have understood it and understood. Konsole would be an interesting thing in linux. Honestly I also think the same. First look at the console I immediately felt bored. But a long time I use Linux, I feel the pleasure that you will probably know if you experience too. Okay, I closed my first diary. We start with very simple things first. Read more of this post