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Yesterday, my friend told me about the Notes on Facebook. The Title of Note is “Hati-Hati Dengan Pecandu Linux!!!” or “Caution With Linux Addict!!!”. My friend got it from

this is  the original text that i translate by myself:

General assumption Community
Microsoft to ease life. Maybe you think “oh if I tried Linux fad just once .. I would not addicted!”. Fact proves that once you try Linux, you can hooked for life. The best way to face the temptation to try linux is not at all. Once you’re addicted, mentally addictive effects will not be lost for life. Once tried Linux, you are chained for life.

An addict can not think Linux is normally in his life (what there will be around for free!). Linux will mess up your feelings, even going to give the effect that damage to the parents, girlfriend and the people you care about and also a bad influence on microsoft. A linux addict unable to face the fact that a program is made with difficulty and a programmer are entitled to reasonable compensation for his trouble.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Many people are cool and the artist uses and supports Linux, why do not I tried?” Reality proves that they (IBM, Sun, Oracle) that support and use Linux only for business purposes
and political (high chief Bill Gates dropped). Artists who use Linux are paid, to give the impression that they have a lot of mass.

They are the people who are not confident with their respective strengths, so they are busy collecting together to bring down the power bill gates. Maybe you’re thinking, “using linux, you will look much better!”. The fact proves that “Linux does not just give the impression you’re more in control of a computer expert, but it also gives the impression that users are far more stupid microsoft of linux users!”
Maybe you’re thinking, “By using Linux, you can be free from the threat of indictment and violation of the law”. Reality proves that “Linux users can be brought to justice if found guilty of violating the law (so obviously there is no legal discrimination between users of Linux and users of non-linux)”

Linux junkie characteristics:
1. Body weight did not change,
2. Dizzy,
3. Movies avid Anti-Trust!
4. Billgates hate and Microsoft,
5. Devotees Open Source,
6. Tight bag,
7. Easily ignited emotions to hear the words “microsoft”.

We give some tips so that you can say “NO” to temptation the Linux Penguin.
Prepare yourself to face the pressure to offer your friends:
“Sorry, I do not want!”
“Sorry, I never told you’re a make linux, so do not tell me please!”
“Sorry, I’m a rich kid, do not always make freebie!”

Life is full of choices, some are partly right choice selection. We are FREE determine the direction of our lives. But remember, involves a choice of operating systems, there are only two options, namely hard and easy. Repel Linux, then you will be a winner in life. Choose Linux – be prepared for a lifelong addiction …

So … do not ever once in a while you try Linux because Linux will go far into your heart, and will bring a lot of imagination and creativity that is not so!

I felt emotional after reading it. Maybe you also. But after we read carefully and repeatedly. I think the same with the author. It is true what is written similar to what was happening with my own and maybe you and lover of Linux.

I think the writers an excuse to discredit Linux with praise Linux. While Windows praised by vilifying windows.



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  1. Clemmie April 6, 2014 at 5:20 am

    Oh mmy goodness! Incredible article dude! Thanks, Hoaever I aam having difficulties wjth your RSS.
    I don’t understtand why I cznnot jlin it. Is thee anybory epse havinng identical RSS issues?
    Annyone tyat knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanx!!

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