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Splash Image in Ubuntu Grub

If you are sick to Grub View with just black or white and you want to make difference. There are so many ways to make difference at grub. one of them can display image on Grub. Read more of this post


Change Minimaze, Maximize and Close Bottons Position on Ubuntu 10.04

At this moment, i will give you a trick. according to the title. it’ll explain how to do that.

  1. Open your terminal, Type “gconf-editor”.
  2. And Follow this: Apps >> Metacity >> General
  3. Find “Layout_button”, fill as you want.
  4. For Example, i still common with Windows. So i change into Windows Style.
  5. Fill with this “:minimize, maximize,close”.

Enjoy with your Window Style.

Fix Ubuntu 10.04’s Grub

If you install two operating systems like Windows and Linux on one computer (dual booting), you may have experienced the problem can not boot to linux after reinstall windows or after you make changes in the composition of the partition. This happens because the grub loader linux grub overwritten by loader windows or partition so that differences in the composition of the computer does not find the grub configuration file.

Read more of this post

Install IDE C/C++ for Linux

In the years surrounding 1970, Bell Labs (Bjarne Stroustrup) developing Computer Programming Language C++. Language is derived from the previous language that is BCL.

C and C++ has similarities and differences. C and C++ has the same syntax. While differences in both, C is a programming language prosedral, where the settlement of a problem is done by divide the problem into smaller sub-problem, while C + + is object-oriented programming language. To solve a problem, C++ do the first step by describing classes that are child made before the previous class.

Besides the C / C++ can run on Linux platforms, Windows, etc..

I’ll explain how to install an IDE C / C + + for Linux. Geany is an IDE that we install now. This way is the easiest way for you all Linux users who want to explore the C / C + +. Read more of this post