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Introducing, my name is Azhar Firdaus. I was born on June 11, 1991 stairs. I now live in Bengkulu, Indonesia. I am a student of Information Engineering in 2009 and entered. I love Linux. I started to Linux since 2009.

At first I was not too fond of Linux. I can practically only use Linux for mere consumption. Honestly I am new to the “Computer” when I went to college.

I am grateful to my senior. Because they are already introducing my first Ubuntu (Linux). Although at first I was not so interested in Ubuntu (Linux). As time went on I started to like Linux and started to learn Linux as a Newbie.

Through this blog I want to appreciate my love for the Linux. Innovative blog contains my experience using Linux from the first thing that I could (make the root password) to the present.

Linux is part of me. I’ll go with Linux.

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Twitter: azar_ti

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