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Console Commands for Newbie Linux

Console! I know you must be familiar with these words. In Linux, Konsole is often used. According to my experience so far, every time I turn on my laptop and using Linux. I always open the console automatically. Almost every activity such as installing software or conversely, the role of the console is very important. If we do not understand console commands, we are like blind people who do not know the direction and purpose.

For a newbie like me and you, perhaps Konsole looks boring. But if we have understood it and understood. Konsole would be an interesting thing in linux. Honestly I also think the same. First look at the console I immediately felt bored. But a long time I use Linux, I feel the pleasure that you will probably know if you experience too. Okay, I closed my first diary. We start with very simple things first.Below are the commands I already know. Since we are both beginners, I suggest you to understand it.

$ cd <path of Folder or file>

I hope you guys don’t get trouble with this. I think it’s the easiers command.

$ ls

I alwasy use this because I usually forget inside of Directory. Yes, you know. You will get list of File of folder on a directory. it will show all of them. you will get it if you try this.

*TRICK: Combine “ls” in use “cd”.

$ su

Woow, i love this one. Because we can access root by this.

$ top

try this. it will show a list of all process with PID number (4 digits).

$ kill <PID number> || $ kill all (kill all of process)

try this. if your computer is error or out of control. it will kill a process according with PID number.

$ cp <filename> <path of source> <path of destination>

If you want copy file try this.

$ mv <filename> <path of source> <path of destination>

you can move file by it.

mkdir (make directory) … $ mkdir <folder name> path

For example: you want make a diroctory on /home/user $ mkdir <folder name> /home/user.

$ apt get install <package name> (OFFLINE SOURCE)

You can install package with this.

$ apt get remove <package name>

You can remove package with this.

$ apt get update

I always do this when i connect to internet. it will update your repository list.

$ apt get install <software name> (ONLINE SOURCE)

If you want install software. for example: you want install Juk (Music Player Program on Kubuntu). $ apt-get install juk.

$ dpkg -i <package name>.deb || $ dpkg -i *.deb

just like $ apt get install <package name>. it will install package with extension .deb. if you want a cool one, try $ dpkg -i *.deb. if you have many package that you want install, you will need it. just try, you will see a awasome view.

*NOTE: for $ dpkg -i *.deb, it will install a package which only exists in a folder.

Okay, i guess i just have. try to practice them. if it’s not enough, just search them. or try –help (ex: $cd –help) for more option.

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