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Boot Process Overview Linux Operating System

Most of us have been using Linux as Operating System pet without knowing what really happened with Linux itself. Here is a picture of the boot process from the initial turn on the computer until Linux is ready for use:

BIOS is also the first software executed when the computer first turns on.

2. Boot Loader

Boot Loader on Linux are generally known to GRUB and LILO. The GRUB configuration file is /boot/grub/menu.lst. Actually, this file is just a soft link from grub.conf file which is also contained in the same folder.

3. Kernel
The Linux kernel can be viewed on the folder /boot files are vmlinuz-2.6.x where x is the release version of linux. There was also a file initrd-2.6.x is used to activate the RAM as a disk /media while at boot time. Then the relevant folders are folders /lib/modules/2.6.x containing the driver /kernel module needed.

4. Init / Run Level
Determining the initial boot Linux mode to be selected. For the settings in /etc/inittab.

5. Service
Having determined the init / runlevel berapanya, it will run the service in accordance with Init / Run Level is. For the settings on the folder /etc/rcX.d where X is the number of init / runlevel. In addition to running the service manually in the folder /etc/init.d.

6. / Etc / rc.local
This is a file /script that will run on the latest Linux. This file can be loaded specific commands to run at the beginning of running Linux.


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