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Kubuntu can’t Connect wireless

I had experienced things that make me can not do anything. That’s because my laptop battery ran out. consequently I can not access the internet with wireless. of course it is the thing that makes me very uneasy, since this is the only way to get access to the Internet.

You may primarily Kubuntu Linux lovers have the same problem with me. For more details, you can see the image below:

If you have the problem same to me, you gonna lucky. Because I will explain how to make it “ENABLE”.

All right, i don’t want waste your time. Time is Money, right.

You just find file “NetworkManager.static” on /var/lib/NetworkManager.

I don’t what it said, but you just need to make whole of them become:


The Last: Reboot!!

Clue: if you can’t do that by Console, you can try this: “kdesudo dolphin”. it will make easier way, you will see Dolphin with Root Mode. THAT AWESOME right.

Percentage of success this way is very small. I have tried this method several times and I did when trying the tenth time. The key to this is the way your patience, do not give up.

I know, you can do it by your own


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