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Install Python on Linux and how to try Python?

Python, the first time I heard these words will think one animal. I was very surprised to hear that Python is one of the many programming languages.

Python is a programming language model of object-oriented scripts are used to share software development purposes and can run on multiple platforms operating system (OS).

* Linux/Unix
* Windows
* Mac OS X
* OS/2
* Amiga
* Palm
* Symbian (For Nokia Products)

Python was developed by Guido van Rossum in 1990 at CWI, Amsterdam as a continuation of the ABC programming language. The last version was issued CWI is 1.2.

In 1995, Guido moved to CNRI Python while still continuing development. The last version released is 1.6. In 2000, Guido and the Python core developers to move to which is a commercial company and formed BeOpen PythonLabs. Python 2.0 released by BeOpen. After Python 2.0 released, Guido and some members of the team moved to DigitalCreations PythonLabs.

Currently Python development being conducted by a group of programmers who coordinated Guido and the Python Software Foundation. Python Software Foundation is a non-profit organization formed as intellectual copyright holders of Python since version 2.1 and thus prevent Python owned by commercial companies. Currently Python distribution has reached version 2.6.1 and version 3.0.

The name was chosen by Guido Python as a language of creation because Guido is a fan of the television show Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Therefore, these phrases are often typical of such events often appear in the correspondence between Python users.

Okay I’ll explain how to install python on Linux and using it. Actually, there are several ways to install the python. But I will only explain how to install python automatically.

Open Console, try this : $ sudo apt-get install python

I think this the very easy way to install python.

Okay I’ll try to run python in linux. There are two ways to run Python, the first with Konsole, Second by Text Editor.

Try Python by Console

Open Console, and just follow the image: (I just give you a simple example)

*If can’t read this image. Just Type phyton >> print “Let’s Learn LinuxPress ENTER for end this.

To Close, press Ctrl + D.

Try Python By Text Editor

Open your Text Editor. At this moment i’m using Kubuntu, so i just open Kate.

Type This: (I just give you a simple example)

Save it with filename “” at Home (it doesn’t matter you want to put wherever you want) and close.

You see that, the icon file turn become icon of Python.

Then Lest try, Open Console, type this: $ python

If you want IDE for python, try Eric. $ sudo apt-get install eric

Learn more about python, visit

reference :


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