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Install IDE C/C++ for Linux

In the years surrounding 1970, Bell Labs (Bjarne Stroustrup) developing Computer Programming Language C++. Language is derived from the previous language that is BCL.

C and C++ has similarities and differences. C and C++ has the same syntax. While differences in both, C is a programming language prosedral, where the settlement of a problem is done by divide the problem into smaller sub-problem, while C + + is object-oriented programming language. To solve a problem, C++ do the first step by describing classes that are child made before the previous class.

Besides the C / C++ can run on Linux platforms, Windows, etc..

I’ll explain how to install an IDE C / C + + for Linux. Geany is an IDE that we install now. This way is the easiest way for you all Linux users who want to explore the C / C + +.I recommend you to use geany because it’s used very easy. But i wish to try other want, just Try.

Alright, Open Console, Try This : $ sudo apt-get install geany

After all of them is finish, lets try Geany, IDE C/C++ for Linux

Applications >> Development >> Integrated Development Environment (Geany)

I will not explain about C/C++ because i just show you how to install IDE for C/C++.

You can try by your own, I hope you love it.

reference :


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