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Differences between KDE and GNOME

Well in this post I will explain the difference between GNOME and KDE. GNOME and KDE is the GUI (graphics user interface) or can be called Desktop environtment. One of the functions of the GUI is easy our users to access applications on linux. Then what is the difference from the GNOME and KDE? The differences between the two is very simple. GNOME is the GUI of Ubuntu while KDE is the GUI of Kubuntu. Besides it’s not just Ubuntu which uses GNOME and Kubuntu GUI using the KDE GUI. GNOME and KDE are not the only GUI on Linux, another GUI Example: XFCE, Fluxbox, IceWM and BlackBox.

In August 1997 Miguel de Icaza meliris a GUI with the name of the GNOME (GNU Network ObjectModel Environment). GNOME is designed to be a product that really fit the standard Free Software Foundation.

Gnome has main component, it construct GNOME itself

  1. GNOME graphical desktop environment which is easy to use.
  2. GNOME development platform is a collection of tools, libraries and components to build applications for Linux.
  3. GNOME Office with a set of productive applications for the office.

Why use GNOME? The following are a few reasons:

  1. FREE. GNOME is the first project to provide a working environment based graphical completely to free software.
  2. USER FRIENDLY. Every moment, GNOME always endeavored to keep it easy to use, even by beginners. GNOME
  3. USABILITY PROJECT aims to increase the level of ease of use GNOME.
  4. CUTTING EDGE. GNOME always use the latest technologies. Call it CORBA for network transparency, the use of XML, and everything is implemented using C language for speed and portability.
  5. DEVELOPER FRIENDLY. Not just enough to ease of use, GNOME also comes with an intuitive programming environment.
  6. INTERNATIONAL. The GNOME developers are spread widely throughout the world. You can also contribute. With the new GNOME I18N features, you can work with any type of popular language, complete with documentation.
  7. ACCESSIBLE. For those who are not able to use standard features of GNOME, a project under the name of the GNOME Accessibility Project was developed to actively support the GNOME usage by anyone.
KDE stands for K Desktop Environmet. Released by Matthias Ettrich on October 14, 1996. KDE is a desktop environment and platform. KDE can we meet in another system, referred Linux, BSD, and Solaris. KDE can be used on Mac OS (with the help of layer X11) and Windows (with the help of Cygwin). Excess KDE than it looks beautiful is the ease of use, flexibility, portabitilis and wealth of features.
GNOME and KDE differences in terms of appearance and performance:
  1. KDE is more dominant and prioritize so that the view from the KDE look more beautiful and flexible compared to GNOME. Plus KDE, we can freely edit the display according to what we want. Although not too much emphasis GNOME than KDE display. GNOME is also interesting in terms of appearance.
  2. GNOME is more dominant and prioritize the performance of memory (RAM) than GNOME KDE so the performance of relatively faster than KDE. One of the reasons for not telalu mendominasikan GNOME display. If you do not believe you can install GUI GNOME (Ubuntu) and KDE (Kubuntu, Mandriva), and then you felt the difference.
But according to me personally, I chose GNOME because I prefer to perform rapid.
For more information about KDE anda GNOME, you can visit


GNOME merupakan kumpulan program dan pustaka yang mengatur desktop Anda, sehingga Anda bisa bekerja dengan nyaman dalam lingkungan grafikal. GNOME menggunakan sangat banyak program di dalamnya. Berikut ini adalah komponen-komponen utamanya:
o GNOME desktop sebagai lingkungan kerja grafikal yang mudah digunakan.
o GNOME development platform dengan kumpulan tool, pustaka, dan komponen untuk membangun aplikasi di Unix.
o GNOME Office dengan sekumpulan aplikasi produktif untuk perkantoran.

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