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Security Tools for Ubuntu

There are so many Security Tool for Linux especially Ubuntu. In this post I will describe some security tools that I use.

NMAP (The Network Mapper)

The function of this tool to map the network. Nmap is one of the best security tools in terms of network mapping that ever existed, perhaps the best Nmap. In the event that I use, Nmap pertained simple and easy to understand. Nmap is also a powerful addition to mapping the computer nets. Not until there alone, even the Operating System, IP Address, Port-Port is open and others that relate to the identity of Computers (Victim). Plus Firewall Nmap can know the existence of a computer.

How to Install NMAP?

sudo apt-get install nmap

Etherape (Graphical Network Monitor Modeled after Etherman)

If we want to monitor your network with graphical, Etherape is one of the best. Etherape buffer monitor and generate an image (graphic). By Etherape we can know the IP address and TCP. In addition we can menfilter, anything that we want to filter, for example Etherape can only monitor the IP address and much more.

How to Install Etherape?

sudo apt-get install etherape

Nessus (Remote Network Security Auditor)

Nessus is a vulnerability scanner to identify a computer, either your computer or any computer. Ability to complete a Vulnerability Scanner is real because they are supported by features high speed discovery, configuration auditing, asset profiling, sensitive data discovery and vulnerability analysis of our security posture.

How to Install Nessus:

#sudo apt-get install nessus

If we want to know the security weaknesses of your computer or another computer, Nessus is a great choice. Nessus ability in identifying the security can not doubt. With high speed discovery, configuration auditing, sensitive data discovery, asset profiling and many more are not yet known to us. Nessus will be a good advisor for your security, but can be deadly if misused.


Third security tool as above are my recommendations for the security of Ubuntu. All three have no doubt in terms of security.
How do you think? Ubuntu has proved very useful applications at once deadly and certainly no less competitive with the windows.

Happy Trying…. ^_^

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