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Media Store Mounting Problem on BackTrack

This is what made me very dizzy.
The problem is we can not mount nge-Store Media on Backtrack 4. Ubuntu does not like to simply click and enter the password and login. When we apply this method, the system asks for password, and then we input the login password like Ubuntu, and the result is “Password incorrect”.
Possible for master-master would laugh read my post this. but in a big problem for a newbie like me and other new newbie using Linux Back Track.
But finally I know how and it is very simple way, in fact very easy. tricks you need to log in as root.
All Right Dudelogin as usual, input your username and password. then type “su” and enter the root’s password. wait until the desktop screen appears. Media Store and open the appropriate opening on Ubuntu. eventually we will go without using a password …

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