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Knowing Linux File System

This Chance, I would invite my friends to get to know all the Linux filesystems. When we opened the Linux Filesystem we will see several directories that may not be common in Windows, like / boot, / bin / var etc. Of course each own a directory of these different roles and different functions. let me explain one by one function and use that directory.

  1. /home is to store user files. You could say “My Documents” directory on Windows. But honestly I rarely use this directory to store files, what else file a college assignment.
  2. /etc It was here where the configuration of Linux (Linux System) is and also application program. This directory is a directory-prone. Be careful with this directory. I recommend for beginners like us not to touch this directory. Honestly I’ve had a bad thing because it never tamper with this directory. but for friends who are very curious about this directory, why not. sometimes Knowledge needs sacrifices to obtain.
  3. /bin is the directory where the Linux programs such as program music player, video etc can work. although this directory is not so vulnerable, but if we make a mistake in this directory is one of the worst possible program does not run normally. In this directory we can change the look of our program and of course we need good Program language skills.
  4. /sbin almost similar to direkrori /bin, but specifically for programs related to the filesystem
  5. /tmp almost similar to the /tmp directory on Windows that distinguish the contents of /tmp will be removed periodically
  6. /boot It was here where the files relating to the Linux boot process. This directory is very vulnerable. so my recommendation in the brain do not work on!!
  7. /var It was here where the files are always changing. This file contains the email and log. so if you want to fiddle with the brain to learn linux I recommend in this directory although caution is also needed.
  8. /usr is the directory containing the program files that are not very important.

Directory below relate to devices such as floppy disks, CD / DVD ROM drive and flash disk.

  1. /dev/hda is the first IDE hard disk.
  2. /dev/hda1 is the first partition on the first IDE hard disk.
  3. /dev/hdb2 is the second partition on the second IDE hard disk.
  4. /dev/fd0 is the first Floppy Disk
  5. /dev/tty1 merupakan serial port yang pertama
  6. /dev/hdc is commonly CD-ROM placed
  7. /dev/sda is the first serial port

Although Linux is very different from Windows in terms of file system, but at least we can work on Linux and work on coding. because it is Open Source Linux Kernel

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