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How to request Ubuntu 10.4 CD

Finally, Ubuntu 10.4 is out and is certainly not the beta. Ubuntu10.4 is the latest version of Ubuntu 9.10. In addition to the elegant and stylish appearance (color theme is purple) course Ubuntu 10.4 also provides cool features. Application of Ubuntu 4.10 has been updated and of course that is Mozzila Browser Default has version 3.6.3. Another case with Ubuntu 9:10 a Mozilla version 3.5.
Only there is a difference between 10.4 and Ubuntu Ubuntu 9.10. Location of the icon Close, Maximize and Minimize found on the upper right corner while the Ubuntu 9:10 situated in the upper right corner.
Ok just go ahead. There are many ways to get Ubuntu
10.4 but I will only describe two waysFIRST WAY: DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY

This way is the fastest way and not complicated. you just need only internet access will be faster because the files we download size may be hundreds of megabytes to gigabytes.

The Link that you can download directly:

when you confused in choosing which ones must be downloaded. you are free to download directly, BitTorrent, Zsync, and Jigdo. The problem now is we are confused in choosing which ones we’ll architecture downloads. there are many arsitekut like: i386, i385, amd64 etc. My recommendation is the i386. because this architecture is suitable for almost every brand of laptop or PC.

Happy Download…

SECOND WAY: Request CD ubuntu 10.4

This is an option for friends who do not have internet access can download large files. honestly I also use this option to obtain Ubuntu 4.10Just Go Ahead. Follow this link

it will appear on websites such as the side view. There are two options that we can choose, there are Desktop Edition (Ubuntu Desktop) and the Server Editon (Ubuntu Server). I recommend selecting the Ubuntu Desktop Edition because it is a Ubuntu Desktop for ordinary users. If you want to choose the Ubuntu Server, no problem. difference only on Utilization.

Ubuntu Desktop as User in general and Ubuntu Server as a Server. Choice is entirely up to you.
Okay, click on the link that I had a red mark (Recommendations). then will appear the following view:

Then register before login.Note: The password must consist of characters, uppercase, numbers and more than eight characters
from here I think you have to create account
okay next step … login with your email and password that you created earlier.then the display will appear like this:

Fill your personal data, then click submit to Request
From here I can not guide you, because the process after this show only gratitude.
FINISH, you finally managed to request ubuntu 10.4
for Ubuntu Server: the process is the same as Desktop Edition, differences found only in determining the number of computers (clients).
delivery time approximately 2-3 weeks after we send.
Happy Requeting … ^ _ ^


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