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How to Install XAMPP on Ubuntu?

Well on this occasion I will explain how to install XAMPP on ubuntu. XAMPP is a web server program is complete. That is very incomplete because with a single install XAMPP, automatically we have installed Apache, MySQL and PHP. So we do not have to bother anymore to install all three at once. In my experience, if we install one at a time other than the three complex and difficult, often happened error so that one of the three do not work properly.

First Download XAMPP here. I recommend downloading the file using wget. In addition to fast internet access when the timeout, then the wget can connect again and we no longer need to repeat from the beginning of the file that we download.type this on console:

if you haven’t installed wget yet, type: sudo apt-get install wget for wget installation.

Place Downloaded File by Wget on Desktop. rename file to “xampp-linux” for better.

all right.. we are gonna install XAMPP step by step.

Open console and login as “root”. if you don’t know how to login as root Click Here


cd Desktop

Extract the new files downloaded earlier:

xvfz xampp-linux.tar.gz -C /opt

Warning: I recommend to follow this way, because I have installed via windows installer file and the result is zero, and also not in any way. believe me or you’ll regret it.

We just extract the files located in / opt / lampp.

Next type this : /opt/lampp/lampp start

so it will show on console.

Starting XAMPP 1.7.3a…

LAMPP: Starting Apache…

LAMPP: Starting MySQL…

LAMPP started.

Finally, Apache and MySQL already running. If we are less sure that Apache and MySQL really has to walk. typed in the address tab in the default browser localhost/xampp. then the screen will be like this:


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