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Hack with TuxCut replaced NetCut

NetCut is an application to cut internet access to hotspots and the PC LAN workgroup from client to server or vice versa by using the ARP protocol. Courses used to just ignorance. we can monopolize bandwidth and Internet access to enjoy their own / group. This software is real for the people ignorant.

We return to the subject. netCut applications unfortunately can not be executed on linux. I’m sorry, but netCut is an application that can scan other user’s IP address. But if you really want ignorant and willing to take risks (in sputtered people) you are able to cut other people with internet access netCut (my recommendations better not be done, because I’ve experienced it)

Of course also very unfortunate if Linux does not exist in Windows applications such as NetCut. Thank TuxCut developers. NetCut TuxCut same function with Windows. TuxCut is an application to cut internet access to hotspots and PC LAN workgroup from client to server or vice versa.

Note : server and client must be Linux

How to Install TuxCut

Before Install TuxCut, we must install some package.

there are : arp-scan, arp-tables, and dsniff

Install arp-scan, arp-tables, and dsniff

Type this commend on Console, apt-get install arp-scan arp-tables asniff

Install arptables, Download here

Place at Desktop, change filename to arptables

cd Desktop

tar zxf arptables

cd arptables

make install

Download TuxCut here

Place at Desktop,change filename to TuxCut

sudo dpkg -i TuxCut.deb

FINISH, opsss Not yet dude, maybe something error will be happen because the library file isn’t complate.

type : sudo apt-get install -f

Nice,we have already installed TuxCut.

Happy Trying…. ^^

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