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Create/Change Root’s Password

ROOT, for linuxer, whether experienced or a newbie become familiar ears. The root is where the super users who can be called “gods” for linux it. with the root, we can do many things. such as manipulating data, change the display etc..
Most distros like ubuntu and fedora, the root password is not specified. on this occasion I will explain how to make (changing) the root password, so that we can use the root.

Actually there two way to create/change root’s password.

FIRST: by Grub

  • at the grub option, select the recovery mode (recovery mode usually under option where we can go into a regular linux)
  • then select option root
  • type: passwd (This command is used to change the root password)
  • then type in the desired password
  • The last type: reboot (to restart linux command)

FINISH, we have managed to create a root password.
To check whether the root password had been changed, then went into linux as usual.

  • open a terminal
  • and type: su
  • enter the password that we created just created early

if this mark “$” become to “#” you successfully create/change root’s password

SECOND: By Console

I tried this way, because i can’t go through to Grub (recovery mode).

  • Open console, try this:  sudo su

*we assume that you don’t have root’s password now

  • Then: insert your user’s password (Password that you need to log in into your Linux)
  • After that, you can access root on Console, try this: passwd (commend to change root’s password)
  • after that you need to create NEW password and then confirm.
  • Now you are as Root, then exit from root: exit
  • let’s check, type: su
  • enter the NEW password that you created early.

if this mark “$” become to “#” you successfully create/change root’s password

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